Saturday, April 13, 2013

New Conception Toy Car

New Conception Toy Car <Driver your car in your imagination>

Have you ever played with the RC toy car? From now on, it is totally changed. Just sit in front of your computer, and suppose you are driving your car, hold your steering wheel, try to turn left or right, and enjoy the scenes in your room through windshield glass of your car!


This new kind of remote control car is basically made up with Arduino and a laptop. It uses Arduino and Max/MSP/Jillter to finish the communication between the Arduino and the laptop. The insight camera of the laptop can track users movement when they are in front of the laptop and transfer the movement into digital or analog signals which can be used by Arduino. Thus, the users can use the supposed steering wheel to control the toy car. On the other hand, the toy car carries an Arduino board with it to reply users’ signals. Besides, there is an optional groove on the car for carrying a smart phone. The laptop can open the web camera on that phone and get the scene through the phone. Thus, you will see a lively scene on your computer which really looks like the driver’s sight in the toy car. The whole system will provide users a new special experience about driving.


Name           From          Parameter

Arduino board   RadioShack
Laptop          Apple Store     MacBook Air 1.7GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB Memory
Jumper wire     Amazon        Several, different length
Usb cables       Amazon       
DC motor        Amazon       
Servo Motor     Amazon
Resisters        Amazon        200 Ohm
Diode           Amazon       
Bread board     Amazon        *2
Smart phone     AT&T          Samsung galaxy note
Wheels *4       Amazon       
Gears kit        Amazon        Different size


1)   Component test (Done)
2)   Max/MSP/Jillter test (Done)
3)   Make up prototype (Week 10)
4)   Simple test (Week 10)
5)   Prefect function and appearance (Week 11)
6)   Refine accuracy (Week 11)
7)   Add extra functions (Week 12&13)
8)   Finish final product (Week 14)

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